Why I started SettleShark

A few weeks ago, my co-founder and I launched SettleShark, a company that allows consumers to create an effective demand letter for cases less than $5,000. Our service works in scenarios where consumers are facing collections or when they seek to get their money back.

It took a few years of effort but we finally launched and saw some positive results while learning a great deal to evolve and offer a better user experience. What motivated this was my past success using do-it-yourself (DIY) demand letters to solve my own disputes with car rental, moving and insurance companies.

I noticed that what seemed like a simple process was totally lost on the average consumer. In my own classes, students were amazed at the amount of rights granted to them as tenants, for example, in landlord-tenant disputes. So I decided to try to open up and automate the process to help consumers.

The site is http://www.settleshark.com

Please give it a try or recommend it to anyone who you think might need it.

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