Will a Green Patent Exchange Take Root?

Photo taken by Lars Schmidt

Silicon Valley is officially out of the dumps. Leading the way into our brave new world is clean tech. What is clean tech? The term is broad, and includes any type of novel technology that reduces our carbon footprint, by utilizing renewable energy or lessening the harmful impacts of carbon-based energy sources.

I met clean tech empresario Nikhil Jain back when I was at Michigan Tech. He offered to guest lecture my entrepreneurship class, and subsequently was available via skype to speak to the students about his latest venture, an online marketplace for ideas called OnGreen.

I received a call today from Nikhil, and learned of his latest venture: the OnGreen Patent Exchange (OGPX). This online marketplace of ideas aims to connect parties interested in clean tech-related patents. Yes, patents. The OGPX hub aims to stimulate investments and deal making in green technologies currently secured by patents.

The idea is compelling. It also highlights one of the major issues facing buyers of technology. There is so much innovation and information being claimed, it can be daunting to find the right partner or complement in a rapidly rising sea of patented technology. Hopefully, entrepreneurs like Nikhil will make it happen sooner rather than later so we can begin to enjoy the benefits of the next wave of green technologies.

The OnGreen Patent Exchange is located here.