Seeking Female Inventor – Apply Within

Bed Bath & Beyond has partnered up with EdisonNation to sponsor a competition that will reward the next great home product, invented by a woman. The competition commemorates the 200 year anniversary of the first patent granted to a female inventor, Mary Kies for a weaving process in 1809.

Throughout the years, women have patented many important inventions. Here’s a short list of several:

  1. Heddy Lamar – Early wireless technology pioneer (and Hollywood actress)
  2. Mary-Dell Chilton – Biotechnology pioneer
  3. Anna Connelly – The fire escape
  4. Bette Nesmith Graham – Correction fluid
  5. Sharen Brower – Soy-based ink

So, if any ladies have an idea for an invention that would make life easier at home, this might be a good opportunity. The deadline for submissions is April 30.

To learn more, please visit the competition website.


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