FL-GA Legal Studies Research Conference

Welcome to the informational site for the upcoming FL-GA Legal Studies Research Conference.

This inaugural conference will be hosted by The College of Business at Florida State University in October, 2011. After that, the conference  will rotate among the three other founding and participating institutions: The University of Georgia, The University of Florida and The Georgia Institute of Technology.

The event will bring together prolific and renowned legal studies in business scholars. These scholars routinely examine legal issues that confront managers who make decisions at the nexus of business and the law.

Please click on the Invitation to Register and the Conference Agenda to learn more about this exciting event.

The following list of presenters and attendees will be updated periodically, so please make sure to check back to learn more about the program.

Confirmed Presenters:

The Florida State University:

Chad Marzen, presenting: “OCIPs in the Future of the Insurance Industry: Legal and Regulatory Considerations”

Darren Prum, presenting “High Speed Rail in America:  An Evaluation of the Regulatory, Real Property, and Environmental Obstacles a Project will Encounter” (with Sarah L. Catz, University of California, Irvine)

University of Florida:

Robert W. Emerson, presenting: “Franchise Terminations: “Good Cause” Decoded”

Larry A. DiMatteo, presenting “An ‘All of the Above’ Theory of Legal Development”

The University of Georgia:

Alex Reed, presenting: “Subsidizing Hate: A Proposal to Reform the Internal Revenue Service’s Methodology Test”

Nathaniel Grow, presenting: “In Defense of Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption”

The Georgia Institute of Technology:

Seletha R. Butler, presenting: “All on Board! Strategies for Constructing Diverse Boards of Directors and Creating a Future Pipeline in a Borderless Global Marketplace”

Confirmed Attendants:

Stephen Bailey, The Florida State University

Seletha R. Butler, The Georgia Institute of Technology

Karie Davis-Nozemack, The Georgia Institute of Technology

Lucien J. Dhooge, The Georgia Institute of Technology

Larry A. DiMatteo, University of Florida

Robert W. Emerson, University of Florida

Nathaniel Grow, The University of Georgia

Chad Marzen, The Florida State University

Darren Prum, The Florida State University

Lee Reed, The University of Georgia

Alex Reed, The University of Georgia

David Orozco, The Florida State University

Bill Woodyard, The Florida State University

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