Learning in a new era

When I first started teaching, I thought undergraduate student learning at a U.S-based business school would remain constant. I’d synthesize, analyze, translate and apply information and then the students would arrive at that Aha! moment. Nothing would change. Well, I was wrong.

Over time I’ve noticed students need something different. They want information chunked into packages, delivered through various formats, and messaged through relatable stories. The first and third aspects did not surprise me. I appreciated their importance nearly thirteen years ago during my first teaching job.

Educational content, however, should be in multimedia, delivered in a way that allows students to track performance (e.g. quizzes and cases) and obtain immediate validation, and of course always made available online.

My approach to teaching has necessarily had to change. Readings posted online and PowerPoints were starting to feel a bit stale.

More on how I’m currently adapting in the next post…

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